Back to the 80s: Top 50 Best Old School Rap / Hip Hop Songs 1980-1989

It seems that many internet searchers end up at Kickin’ it Old School expecting to find “Old School Rap,” so it is long overdue for me to publish my top 10 rap/hip hop songs from the 80s. This is a pretty comprehensive list because rap was my music of choice in the mid-80s (before it really started to get too gangster and violent).

Just to clarify one thing before I start, this list will only include songs from the 80s. Some people consider some rap songs from the early 90s to be “old school,” but for the purpose of this list those songs will not be included. So before you get concerned that I missed a particular song, please double-check to make sure it was from 1989 or earlier.

As usual, the candidates are very strong here, so I am actually going to provide you with my top 50 (with even more songs than that due to ties)!!  As added value, there will be a link to a video for each of the 50 spots though in some case it is just the song playing over a still picture. I thought this was important to let you hear the songs especially if you have never heard them, can’t remember them or just wanted to bring back the memories. So without further ado, here is OLD SCHOOL’S TOP 10 RAP SONGS FROM 1980-1989 (+Bonus 40):

Honorable Mentions. “Rapper’s Delight” (1979) by The Sugar Hill Gang & “Walk This Way” (1986) by Run-DMC featuring Aerosmith – Because it was technically not in the 80’s, I wanted to at least give honorable mention to “Rapper’s Delight” which is commonly known as the first rap hit. I probably would have had to place it in the top 10 if I included it in this list. It definitely has a disco feel to it which you can see and hear with this link to the video. I also wanted to give an honorable mention to “Walk This Way” which was from the groundbreaking album Raising Hell. This song really served to officially let rap crossover into the mainstream since it was the first rap song ever to make it to the top 5 in the Billboard Hot 100. I am a huge fan of Run-DMC, so you will see them represented well on the list below. I feel that they really took the genre to the next level and this particular song was a big part of that. Here is a link to the video for “Walk This Way.”

50. “Bust A Move” (1989) by Young M.C. from Stone Cold Rhymin’ [link to video] – A little commercial, but still not that bad

49. “What People Do For Money” (1984) by Divine Sounds [link to video] – Almost forgot about this one

Kurtis Blow48. “8 Million Stories” & “Basketball” (1984) by Kurtis Blow from Ego Trip [link to video for “Basketball” mentions many of the great NBA players of the time] – Probably should recognize “The Breaks” from way back in 1980 because it was one of the early successes for the genre, but I really have never liked it that much though many might rank it highly on a list like this.

47. “Egypt, Egypt” & “And My Beat Goes Boom” (1984) by Egyptian Lover from On the Nile [link to song playing “Egypt, Egypt”]

46. “Boyz-n-the Hood” (1988) by Eazy-E from Eazy-Duz-It [link to video]

45. “Words I Manifest” (1989) by Gang Starr from No More Mr. Nice Guy [link to video]

44. “Jam On It” (1984) by Newcleus [link to song playing]

43.(tie) “Paper Thin” (1988) by MC Lyte from Lyte as a Rock [link to video] & “Ladies First” (1989) by Queen Latifah featuring Monie Love from All Hail the Queen [link to video] – Wanted to recognize some of the pioneering lady rappers

42. “Don’t Fight The Feelin'” (1988) by Too $hort from Life Is…To Short [link to song playing]

41. “High Rollers” (1988) by Ice T from Power [link to video] – I remember seeing Ice T for the first time rapping during the breakdance battles in the 1984 movie Breakin’Beastie Boys

40. “Hey Ladies” (1989) by Beastie Boys from Paul’s Boutique [link to video]

39. “Nobody Beats the Biz!” (1988) by Biz Markie from Goin’ Off [link to song playing] – More people know him for his clown around songs like “Just a Friend” but he really was a solid lyricist

38. “Cinderfella Dana Dane” (1987) by Dana Dane from Dana Dane With Fame [link to song playing]

37.(tie) “Roxanne’s Revenge” (1984) by Roxanne Shante [link to video] & “The Real Roxanne” (1985) by The Real Roxanne with UTFO [link to song playing] – The first was a response to the UTFO song “Roxanne, Roxanne” and sparked what were known as the “Roxanne Battles” between Shante and the Real Roxanne

Run-DMC36. “Hit It Run” & “It’s Tricky” (1986) by Run-DMC from Raising Hell [link to video for “It’s Tricky” which also stars magicians Penn & Teller] – DJ Jam Master Jay does not get enough credit for the group’s success and he is missed after being tragically murdered in 2002. R.I.P. JMJ.

35. “Road to the Riches” (1989) by Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo from Road to the Riches [link to video]Ice T

34. “6 In the Morning” (1987) by Ice T from Rhyme Pays [link to song playing]

33. “Roxanne, Roxanne” (1984) by UTFO from Roxanne, Roxanne [link to video]

32. “You Gots to Chill” (1988) by EPMD from Strictly Business [link to video]

Fat Boys31. “Fat Boys” & “Stick ‘em” (1984) by The Fat Boys from Fat Boys [link to video for “Fat Boys“]

30. “Freaks Come Out At Night” (1984) by Whodini from Escape [link to video] – Could have also included “Friends” and “Five Minutes of Funk” both from that same albumSalt n Pepa

29. “Push It” (1987) by Salt-n-Pepa from Hot, Cool & Vicious [link to video]

28. “Children’s Story” (1988) by Slick Rick from The Great Adventures of Slick Rick [link to video] – Slick Rick’s best moments were as the rapper with Doug E. Fresh’s Get Fresh Crew

27. “How Ya Like Me Now” & “Wild Wild West” (1987) by Kool Moe Dee from How Ya Like Me Now [link to song playing “How Ya Like Me Now”] – Kool Moe Dee was one of the members of the Treacherous Three during the early 80’s and had an ongoing feud with LL Cool J

26. “Let’s Get It Started” & “Turn This Mutha Out” (1988) by MC Hammer from Let’s Get It Started [link to video for “Let’s Get It Started“] – Most people think of the 90’s Hammer and “You Can’t Touch This” but he is underrated for his rapping talent which he showed when he burst on the scene

25. “Rock Box” & “Hard Times” (1984) by Run-DMC from Run-DMC [link to video for “Rock Box“]

Kid n Play24. “Gittin’ Funky” & “Rollin’ With Kid n’ Play” (1988) by Kid n’ Play from 2 Hype [link to video for “Rollin’ With Kid n’ Play“] – Became better known for the House Party movies, but were favorite rappers of mine before that

23. “I’m Not Going Out Like That” & “Run’s House” (1988) by Run-DMC from Tougher Than Leather [link to video for “Run’s House“] – I wish I could have found a video for “I’m Not Going Out Like That” because I feel that is one of the group’s best and more underrated songsKRS-One

22. “Criminal Minded” (1987) by Boogie Down Productions from Criminal Minded [link to song playing] – The rapping genius behind BDP is the great KRS-One

21. “Brand New Funk” & “Time To Chill” (1988) by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince from He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper [link to video for “Brand New Funk“] – They are probably better know for “Parents Just Don’t Understand” but Will Smith is an underrated rapper as I discussed in this past issue of Kickin’ it

Heavy D. & the Boyz20. “We Got Our Own Thang” & “Big Tyme” (1989) by Heavy D. & The Boyz from Big Tyme [link to video for “We Got Our Own Thang”]

19. “Straight Outta Compton” (1988) by N.W.A. from Straight Outta Compton [link to video] – Though I am not a fan of gangster rap, this super group took the genre by storm and rap would never be the same

18. “Paid In Full” (1987) by Eric B. & Rakim from Paid In Full [link to video] – Rakim might be the best pure rapper ever

17. “Fight the Power” (1989) by Public Enemy from Do The Right Thing soundtrack [link to video] – ranks on my Best Songs from 80’s Movies listRun-DMC

16. “King of Rock” (1985) by Run-DMC from King of Rock [link to video]

15. “Me, Myself and I” (1989) by De La Soul from 3 Feet High and Rising [link to video]

14. “It Takes Two” (1988) by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock from It Takes Two [link to video] – Like many of the songs on this list, I can still recite this song from start to finish

Self Destruction13. “Self Destruction” (1989) by Stop the Violence Movement [link to video] – Collaboration between several East Coast rappers including Boogie Down Productions, Public Enemy, Heavy D., Doug E. Fresh, MC Lyte and Kool Moe Dee created a great song with a greater message. Similar song by the West Coast Rap All-Stars called “We’re All in the Same Gang” might have made this list, but was released in 1990.LL Cool J

12. “Rock the Bells” & “I Can’t Live Without My Radio” (1985) by LL Cool J from Radio [link to song playing “Rock the Bells”] – I remember seeing LL for the first time in an impressive scene from the 1985 movie Krush Groove and here is a link to watch it for yourself

11. “Top Billin'” (1988) by Audio Two from What More Can I Say? [link to video need to turn volume up a little on this one to hear]

Big Daddy Kane10. “Ain’t No Half Steppin'” (1988) by Big Daddy Kane from Long Live the Kane [link to video] – Kane is one of my all time favorites and I also could have included “Raw” from that same albumLicense To Ill

9. “Paul Revere” (1986) by Beastie Boys from License to Ill [link to song playing] – I could have included this entire album (“Brass Monkey,” “Girls,” “The New Style” and more) though “Fight For Your Right” received the most mainstream attention

8. “My Philosophy” (1988) by Boogie Down Productions from By All Means Necessary [link to video]

7. “The Symphony” (1988) by Marley Marl’s Juice Crew from In Control Volume 1 [link to video] – Impressive collaboration by rappers Craig G., Master Ace, Kool G. Rap and Big Daddy Kane which has always been one of my favorites

Public Enemy6. “Rebel Without A Pause” & “Don’t Believe the Hype” (1987) by Public Enemy from It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back [link to video for “Don’t Believe the Hype“]Eric B. & Rakim

5. “Follow the Leader” (1988) by Eric B. & Rakim from Follow the Leader [link to video turn up the volume a little for this one]

4. “Planet Rock” (1982) by Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force [link to video] – Bambaataa was an originator and innovator with other greats like “Looking For the Perfect Beat” which were perfect for break dancing

3. “Sucker M.C.’s” (1984) by Run-DMC from Run-DMC [link to song playing]

The Show & La Di Da Di2. “The Show” & “La Di Da Di” (1985) by Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew [link to song playing “The Show”] and [link to song playing “La Di Da Di“] – I had the 12″ single that had both of these songs on it and I played that thing to death

1. “The Message” (1982) by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five [link to video] – Out of respect, there should be no argument that this is number one and “Don’t push me because I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head. It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.”

There’s my list which includes a literal who’s who on the rap scene during the mid to late 80’s. Let me know if there are any songs or artists you feel should be included. Hope you enjoy all of those great links. Those are still many of my favorite rap songs even when you add in the last 18 years. Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane and if you are too young to have heard these the first time around, then I encourage you to give them a listen.

That will wrap up this special issue of Kickin’ it Old School. Thanks so much for reading. Though it is not what you would consider traditional 80’s music, old school rap music was a big part of the 80’s for me. If you are interested in reading more of my 80s related issues, please click there for a summary of those. If you are interested in reading more of my Top 10 lists, please click there for a summary. You can also always click on the Archives in the upper left hand column or use the Google Search Box at the top of the right hand column to find any other issues you may have missed. If you are a fan of Kickin’ it, PLEASE CLICK ON THE FACEBOOK LOGO in the upper right hand column. This will take you to the new Fan Page where I ask you to then click on the “Like” button. Even if you are not a Facebook member yet, please consider joining and registering as a fan at that page. Let other 80s fans know about it as well! Peace and much love.

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Quote of the day: “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” -Victor Hugo

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  1. i am looking for the name of this rap:
    I know a girl named vicky
    she gave me a hicky
    and in the other room
    was her boyfriend ricky

  2. i love fn love old school !! my all time fav song is i need love, doo wop, by the greatest ll.cool.j wich means ladys love cool j

  3. I am looking for the artist and the real name of this song:

    listen up i got a story to tell
    about a puerto rican girl her name was michelle
    she said theyre good for ya theyre good for ya
    what she talking bout said she talkin bout goya

  4. You’ve compiled a great list here plus links to videos I’ve never seen. I’m glad I happened across your blog. Channeling Arnold: “I’ll be back!”

  5. I too am glad that I came across this page
    an amazing trip down memory lane with some – if not all – of the BEST rap songs ever written.
    GREAT JOB – thanks

    ps … what happened to Mantronix ?? “Fresh is the Word”, I think that was the title. they had some killer beats & rythms

  6. Reply to: John
    Thanks for reading and the compliment.

    Good call on Mantronix! They broke up back in 1991. “Fresh Is the Word” (1985) was good, but I don’t remember too much else from them after that.

  7. Anyone remember the rap song with the Smurf’s theme?

  8. I jam that Spyder D all the time. I thought nobody jammed it.

  9. Thanks for the list. In the mid-80’s I had a mix tape someone gave to me that had a bunch of songs on it. I never knew the names of the songs but have been wanting to find them so I can get modern copies. I found a couple through this page and then the related videos from there. Stuff like Smurf Rock and Get It Boy. As soon as I heard those, I jumped back in time.

    Now, I guess I’m back to slumming songs in iTunes and youtube looking for anything that sounds familiar from 25 years ago.

  10. I don’t know what year this song was released, but my favorite old school jam is Talkin All That Jazz by Stetsasonic.

  11. My favorite oldschool group was ”mantronix” fresh is the word,was one of the illest.they had dope beats in every song.T-LA ROCK was pretty hype as well.he used mantronix to supply his beats! those were the days,fresh for 88 you suckazzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m looking for a song, but the only lyric I know is….Defcon, Defcon

  13. How may I hear the song “89 is kickin it” by Marley Marl.

  14. Does anyone know who the 3 girl rap group who had a one hit wonder in 80’s maybe early 90’s? Not salt n pepa someone else. They only had one hit and they were real young around 16 and were wearing red jump suit i believe in the video?

  15. Reply to: OldSchool Thank you so much I have been looking all day long. JJ Fad is the group I was looking for. I probably would’nt have been able to sleep till I figured it out.

  16. does anyone know who did the beatbox sounding like a gremlin back in the 80s i only know it starts off yum yum or yup yup something like that.

  17. Transferring cassettes to cd’s of my old school rap. Looking for the 3 girl group-they say Sweet Three-O w/Jazzy Joyce> song goes “Non-stopping party rocking, it’s your mind that we shocking…”

  18. Reply to:
    Female Rap Duo called L’Trimm had a hit with “Cars With The Boom” in 1988.

  19. I am trying to find the name of this old school rap song. I remember the last few lyrics were “walk along proud and tall. have yourself a good time” Then the good times (chick kicks in” Then a prolog where the rapper says this is a world with a world a society within a society a place where good luck doesn’t grow on tre’s or somethig to that effect. I am an old school DJ and am willing to pay “top bucks” for this aong…DJ Wil-P

  20. Reply to:
    Are you talking about JJ Fad and the song is Supersonic?

  21. you are a fucking idiot are did you ride the short bus to school. This whole list blows. If “Nuthin But A G Thang” is not on here this list is bullshit…….period

  22. Reply to: yaaboe
    That is a great song & one of my favorites too, but it is NOT from the 80s. “Nuthin’ But a G Thang” was released in 1993 so it does not qualify for this list.

  23. I love your list and agree with it 100% I was wondering if you have ever made a list of the best 90’s rap songs because i would be very interested in it.

  24. Anyone know the instrumental from the 80s that started with a vocoder voice saying Its TIme then the beat starts

  25. im lookin for the name of the rap that ends with: GOOD NIGHT
    thats all i can remembers sorry

  26. I was a little disappointed not to seein J.J.Fad on the list. They came out with their smash hit single, “Supersonic” back in 1988. They were the first female rap group to have a gold single, the first to come out of west coast & the first to be nominated for a Grammy. Their Supersonic Album even went platinum. They should have been on the list!

  27. I would like to know the name of this song, Girl why did you have to leave me this way, I love you to this day and it hurts to think of the things you used to say.

  28. Hip Hop has always been instrumental in teaching me somehting about myself or life in genereal rather it was good or bad

  29. Does anybody rembember the original gangsta rap from about 1983, the artists call themselves Triggaman & Bugsy. Can’t find this one anywhere.What is the name of the song?

  30. Reply to: Avery
    Hi and thanks for reading. Looking back now, I do agree that JJ Fad probably deserved a place on this list. At a minimum, I should have included them at #43 along with Latifah and Lyte.

  31. Hi,

    thanks for your work on this site, mate!

    I hope you or someone else may help me. I´m searching for the name of an artist and a certain song. The song is combined with the famous “I have a dream”-speech from M. L. King at the beginning. At the end some female voices sing finally “(…) he´s the king”. It is a really, really nice song. A former class mate of me recorded this and other songs in the mid 90ies on a cassette and meant it´s from Grandmaster Flash. However, I couldn´t yet identify it. I could kick myself, because years ago I recorded accidentally other music about most of the tape. Now I try since years to identify the music to get it back again.

    When it helps: After the song comes one that contains lyrics like “you – get out of here – this is my house – get out of here”. And after this song comes one where you can here at the beginning woman screams, shootings and James Brown´s “I feel good”. So… hopefully now someone has an idea what artist / song / album that could be???

    Cheers and many thanks from Germany,


  32. I am looking for an 80’s rap that went a little something like this: La La La Larry

  33. informative site…takes you back down memory lane. what group sings ‘And the beat goes on’? Also, what group sings the song ‘Set it off (Ya’ll want this party started right’?

  34. Great list…there were some hot tracks in the 80’s too coming from the Jungle Brothers (Coming Through,I Got It Like That) and The Ultra Magnetic MC’s….

  35. Rodney O & Joe Cooley- (This is for the homies), Sweet T- (It’s like that yall), Debbie Deb- (When I hear music & Funky little beat)… Just a few other artist that moved the 80″s… What about The Class Supreme Team- (Hey DJ)… Man!! The 80’s was good!!!

  36. Love the list,and all the help..i have been trying to find a sone for some years now.i know it went like, “my momma and ur momma was hanging out some cloths,my momma socked ur momma in the nose did it hurt NO did it hurt NO chica chica noby noby all the children gone to have a rock me back to 10 afther 7, are u ready YEAH are u ready YEAH”.. and i think the name of the rapper was Lemon Lime. but i really want 2 find this song i can’t get it out of my head..

  37. good list but ur missing alote no T La Rock/Mantronix,Just Ice/D-Nice/Mikey D & The L.A Posse/MC Breed/King Tee man 2 many 2 Name!

  38. Real good list i,m traying to find a song that goes like this. When the doctor spamk me on my behind i dident cry i started to rhyme.

  39. Repdly to: Donnie
    This is my first time on here. If you are still looking, MC Shan is the rapper for that song. I believe its on the album with The Bridge.

  40. Do anybody know the original group that made the song uhh na-na na nah in the 1980’s?

  41. Reply to: cyril
    There is a song by Big Daddy Kane from his 1991 album “Prince of Darkness” which is called “Ooh, Aah, Nah-Nah-Nah”
    Good joint. Is that the song you are thinking of???

  42. does anyone remember the song “Holy War” by Sir I Boo around 83-84 he was down with Divine Sounds kinda a one hit wonder but it was hot

  43. Hi, i’m finding one song since I was a child. I don’t remember title or artist name, only the music some words of the lyrics and some videoclip images. It was around 85 or 86. In the viedoclip it appears someone dancing break dance with skates, the music has a interesting bass line that is present during all the song length, and the chorus say something like this: “do you know to me, baby ………, (do you know, baby, do you know)”. Because I’m spanish and I heard it when I was a child I don’t know if that is the correct words, because I don’t know very well the english then (and now not very well yet). Then, for me, the title song was “Churunov chu mi”… Please, can someone help me to find the song? Thanks!

  44. I’m looking for an old school rap song but all I can remember from it is ” my fake number is 123″ if any one know what I’m talking about please let me know

  45. there is a song called dun dun da da anyone know who sings it? its kinda jazzy

  46. Reply to: candy
    There was a song called “Din Daa Daa” by George Kranz which was more of a dance song. It was featured in Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. That might be what you are thinking of?

  47. looking for 80,s dirty rap songs :) Sally that girl etc.

  48. I have been looking for a song for the last 20 years please help. The only words i remember are “yo whats up black chillin’ hook it up a funky dope track. Then the chorus is some girl who sings Ahhhh-o Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhh-o Ahhhh-I-I then the chorus repeats. Please help ive spent literally months looking for this jam. Thanks

  49. Reply to: The song was called Girls. Im looking for that song my self.

  50. Best Old School Dirty Song “This girl is a Slut” by Just Ice.

    Classic Beat Box & Lyrics

  51. There was also a song with SMURFS THEME by Gigilo Tony. Got a lot of Air Play in Detroit by THE WIZARD.

  52. I’ve been searching the net for so long looking for any clue to a rap song released around 81 which had a nice beat and the guy would go ‘say hi’and the chorus would repeat it. ‘Say (hey)…'(I forget) and then ended with some kind of ‘na na na na’
    Can anyone help me find it?

  53. I have been looking for a song for the last 20 years please help. The only words i remember are “yo whats up black chillin’ hook it up a funky dope track. Then the chorus is some girl who sings Ahhhh-o Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhh-o Ahhhh-I-I then the chorus repeats. It came out in 88/89/90 Thanks

  54. anyone know where or how to find the 80’s rap song…Nissan Truck..I think the name is…please help

  55. Can anyone tell me the name of a song by MC Lyte that had an Isley Brother hook in it?

  56. Does anybody know the name and the artist of the 80’s track where there are some guys sitting on the back of a truck driving through Jamaica or Africa, not sure? I’ve been trying to get the name for ages, but a little help is needed. Thanks.

  57. Reply to: Marie,
    You talking about Master P’s “Let me hear you huh……………Na Na Na Na”
    That ain’t old school but it might be what you are looking for.

  58. I have been looking for a song for the last 20 years please help. The only words i remember are “yo whats up black chillin’ hook it up a funky dope track. Then the chorus is some girl who sings Ahhhh-o Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhh-o Ahhhh-I-I then the chorus repeats. It came out in 88/89/90 and used to play on the radio station in Philly called Q102.Thanks

  59. who sings that rap song with martin luther kings speech in it.the hook says “from the streets of birrmingham there came a black man his name was martin luther martin luther king” can anyone out there help?

  60. who sings the old school rap get lifted?
    I’ve been looking for that one too!

  61. please if theres any1 ole skool like myself…..i needs the title and name of this song/artist it was late 80’s early 90’s song. around the time joeski love dropped. i thought it was him that made it but it wasnt……

  62. Reply to:Frankie D
    thats the sugar hill gang “8th Wonder” thats not hard to find.

  63. Thanks Bobo but thats not the song im looking for…I wish it was…

  64. I have been looking for a song for the last 20 years please help. The only words i remember are “yo whats up black chillin’ hook it up a funky dope track. Then the chorus is some girl who sings Ahhhh-o Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhh-o Ahhhh-I-I then the chorus repeats. It came out in 88/89/90 and used to play on the radio station in Philly called Q102.Thanks

  65. looking for a song that talked about getting a “nissan truck”. started off by calling out the following streets: CRENSHAW,WESTERN,VERMONT AND HOOV’A(HOOVER)I’m guessing it was a local rapper(los angeles)if anybody could please give me some info, I’d appreciate it alot…

  66. Reply to:
    I found a nissan truck rap, but it’s not the one I’ve been looking for :( I found it on youtube, it’s called “trophy nissan” I think it’s the name of a dealership out in the east coast..

  67. In my opinion the best rap song of the 80’s would be Eric B & Rakim’s ‘Microphone Fiend’… paving the way for lyricists along with that beat….no hook, just rhymin, and rhymin, and rhymin……….”I grab the mic and try to say yes yall, they try to take it, and say that I’m too small, cool……..I don’t get upset, I kick a hole in the speaker pull the plug and I jet……back to the lab, without a mic to grab, so then I add all the rhymes I had, one after another one…………simply poetry in motion

  68. Reply to:
    Song with the Smurfs was “Gucci Bass” from the “Gucci Crew II” Also had Sally, That Girl, and The Dating Game.

  69. Reply to: GJ..
    See above.. Sally, That Girl was from “The Gucci Crew II” Started 1-2-3 and I woke up early this morning and I went to the fiv and dime.. Saw a pretty young lady looking real real fine.. etc

  70. Me & my bf have been looking for this song forver, no luck…. all we remember is: shake that thang, shake that thang.. and it goes something like: its a sweet thang, an 88 thang… its an old 80s dance song..

  71. I have been looking for a song for the last 20 years please help. The only words i remember are “yo whats up black chillin’ hook it up a funky dope track. Then the chorus is some girl who sings Ahhhh-o Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhh-o Ahhhh-I-I then the chorus repeats. It came out in 88/89/90 and used to play on the radio station in Philly called Q102.Thanks

  72. Nice list, It’s good to see there’s someone else who dosen’t automaticly say “Biggie” when asked to name an ‘old school’ rapper. Some suggestions to add to the list would be Talkin’ all that Jazz from Stetsasonic, anything off the Ultramagnetic MC’s Critical Beatdown album and I got it made from Special Ed I’m pretty sure his record ws from the 80’s

  73. Does anyone know the name of the song talkin bout sleepin w an older woman…has a girl singin OOh boy i love you so never ever ever gonna let you go…I know a few people did that song but I thought Snoop Dog did a version of it too. Can anyone help me with this

  74. I know of one by the “Candyman” Knock’n da boots. circa early 90’s. If Snoop-dog did one, I haven’t heard it. Not saying he hasn’t done one, but I not hip on most of todays stuff. Hope my input helps.

  75. Reply to: ttilson

    Yes, that is “Knockin’ Boots” by Candyman.

    It came out in 1990 and actually made it all the way to #9 on the Billboard Hot 100.
    The chorus which you referred to is sampled from the 1977 song “Ooh Boy” by Rose Royce.

  76. Reply to: Jessica

    I believe the song you are looking for is “Shake That Thang” by Vicious Base. It was released in 1988.

  77. Reply to: D

    I definitely should have had “Talkin’ All That Jazz” by Stetsasonic on this list. That is a mistake on my part. I may try to go back and add that to the list at some point.

  78. Hi, i’m finding one song since I was a child. I don’t remember title or artist name, only the music some words of the lyrics and some videoclip images. It was around 85 or 86. In the viedoclip it appears someone (I think that was a girl) dancing break dance with skates, the music has a interesting bass line that is present during all the song length, and the chorus say something like this: “Do you know to me, baby (…don’t remember this part…), (do you know, baby, do you know)”. Because I’m spanish and I heard it when I was a child I don’t know if that is the correct words, because I don’t knowed very well the english then (and I hear it only one time). Please, can someone help me to find the song? Thanks!

  79. Back in 89 when I was 10 years old I remember seeing the videos for twin hype “do it to the crowd” and king sun’s “in da club tip” on video music box in heavy rotation. the radio stations didn’t play’em during the day but they were big and were my favorites. Twin hype was hip hop to me. The close,the hairstyle, the poses, the video and their deejay and that whole sound. Also ll cool j I’m that type of guy was also big around that time both video and radio. And on a street level slick rick’s mona lisa. Never seened the video or heard on the radio but dudes in brooklyn were blasting mona lisa like crazy that whole spring and summer.

  80. Looking for the name of an old school rap. Has the lyrics “The Rhyme Did It”. It tells a story about a dude at home writing a rhyme then all of the sudden the rhyme jumps off the paper and runs off and gets into all kinds of trouble…everyone blames dude who keeps trying to exsplain that “The rhymme that did it”.

  81. i really hope someone can help me.i’m looking for the name a certain artist.the lyrics went (in came a blackman his name was martin luther martin luther king

  82. Reply to:jen
    i been look for that some song martin luther king i need the title & artist of that song.


  83. what is the song that has the gremlin rap? been trying to remember for decades now. need artist and name so i can find it

  84. trying to find this rap song. have you ever known a shark to bark, have you ever seen a chicken with lips, have you ever seen a snake with hips…..you have to have strong lungs to live in new york.

  85. Anyone remember this song???”yo whats up black chillin’ hook it up a funky dope track. Then the chorus is some girl who sings Ahhhh-o Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhh-o Ahhhh-I-I then the chorus repeats. It came out in 88/89/90 and used to play on the radio station in Philly called Q102.Thanks

  86. Looking for the artist who made a song called “fight rap” in the mid 80’s. It’s an instrumental and we used to roller-skate to it back in the day. It’s got a heavy beat and a war-like chant in the background. Any ideas?

  87. im trying to find this old school rap song i only remember there is vicky i gave her a hickey i saw her boyfriend he tried to hit me

  88. Does anyone remember back around 1989-1990 there fantasic track with a fast kick-ass bassline. (Track about ‘crack’)
    “freeze.. flow… freeze.. flow.. White line 1989 one more line?? dope line
    sniff your world away, sniff wife away, sniff life away, money, cars…
    chorus. freeze… flow… freeze… flow…
    I’ve been looking out for this track for years. any ideas of artist and title.
    cheers from down under.

  89. Need the name of a old school song. Lyrics are “yo whats up black chillin’ hook it up a funky dope track. Then the chorus is some girl who sings Ahhhh-o Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhh-o Ahhhh-I-I then the chorus repeats Thanks

  90. The song is called “wikka rap” by the evaisions…Reply to:

  91. Trying to remember a song from 89 I think, it had “Down by the riverside,” jazz sample (trumpets) in there. Lyrics about “I was in the twelth grade she was a grade below” I had the cassette, it was like Al someone.

  92. Reply to: Does anyone know the name of the song/ or the name of the artist for this old school rap song?
    “i knew a girl named Vicky… I gave her a hickey…

  93. If you are looking for rap songs, visit brainstormlive. This is a good site for rap music lover

  94. Reply to:

    Did you find. I’ve been looking for this song for years….

  95. Reply to:
    Does anybody remember party rap or unicycle rap

  96. To the person asking about the “ooh, na na,
    n-na” song, it’s called “Funk Box Party” by – Masterdon Committee

  97. Hey all! kool site! 1st time here & would like to know if anyone can find info on a trk called “Jam the Sucker”? or “Jam the Sucka? It was 1984 or 85 ..plez help! =(
    been lookin 4eva!
    Also lookin 4 that..Vicky… I gave her a hickey song that sounds like DMC

    and (sorry)..also a BASS tune with female rapper…”Good To the Last Drop”…anyone?

  98. Cancel the request for -jam the sucker, i found out it’s “Def Jam” by Jazzy Jay

    and that..Vicky… I gave her a hickey song is “Girls” by THE B-BOYS

  99. Just found …”Good To the Last Drop”
    by Ladi Luv – Excellent rapper!

  100. Reply to: ttilson
    I think it was rom DJ quick…Quick is the name….song name was Sweet black Pu$$y

  101. Reply to:
    that song was from a group from Philly it was called my groove was busted.

  102. Reply to:
    The song is from K-SOLO, HE IS FROM jersy the song is called tales from the crack side.

  103. Reply to:

  104. I am looking for the song Ricky;hook is ricky i love you there is nothing for your love i wouldn’t do… we would say we were going to the movies when we know me and ricky had other places in mind.

  105. looking for a song from 1989/1990 that came out in the philly area. only words i remember are “yo whats up black chillin, hook it up a funky dope track” then some girl sings the chorus…please help

  106. im looking for the artis or name of the song… “space cowby”

  107. Reply to: frankdatank
    that’s C.E.B. Get the Point, with Cool C and Steady B.


  109. Reply to: Kevin it took me 4hours but i found it. it’s the b boys and it’s called girls. listening to it on you tube right now.
    I know a girl named milly who acts real silly lives in the bronx but comes from philly

  110. lookin 4 80’s oldschool rap were the guy has british accent

  111. Reply to:
    i know a girl name nita, dogged by peter,rocked by matt, and ragged by squitta

  112. Trying to find out artist of the 80’s rap that starts out: “Falling in love is a serious thing to do do do. Cause if you fall in love……” Then the rap starts with: ” Well fallin in love ain’t all that great…..” Can someone help with this?

  113. great list!!! but what about Digital Underground??? even if they were doing alternative rap, Digital Underground were and still are in my opinion the most original rap group ever!!!!!

  114. pumpituphomeboy,pumpituphomeboy,pumpituphomeboy,pumpituphomeboy,just don,t,justdon,t justdon,t stop.granny,granny,granny, granny(Chorus)burnin blue,burnin blue,ah ah ah ah ah ah,burnin blue,burnin blu, ooohoooh oohoohooh oooh.we,re into the sound.(song has lots of popping drum sound effects like firecrackers at the beginning,during and especially after the song.I,d like to know the name of that 80s rap song

  115. Reply to:Spanks you might be talking about change the beat fab five freddy

  116. Two that I think should be on this list are “I’m Bad” by LL of course, and “Supersonic” by JJ Fad (I think)

  117. Reply to:
    are u talking about Fab Five Freddy “Change the beat”

  118. I sure wish i could find that Martin Luther King Rap.Its not king holiday that was kinda soft

  119. Reply to:
    i want that nissan truck rap too… heard it on lwr sung by a gorl rapper?

  120. girl rapper, think it was an english “accent” and the chorus went “ni-ni-san, ni-ni-san” had to be british as america still called it all datsun didnt they?

  121. Reply to: JT

    KSolo made the song about the ryme doing crazy things

  122. Great list dude but what about Schooly D. You listed Ice T’s 6 in the morning which is a blatant rip-off of Schooly’s Saturday Night.
    Also am I black enough. Sir Mixalot Seminar’s joint was bad also. Both Schooly and Mix deserves to be on the list.

  123. What about the Fat Boy’s and Gucci Crew II? Also I have this mix on tape with a song I been looking for… It’s kind of a fast beat with girls rapping almost cheerleader style and they’re just saying names of cities, like “LIBERTY CITY! OAKLAND! ATLANTA! LAAAAAAAAA! And the chorus was a sample that just went, “GO GO GO GO GO GO PARTY PEOPLE!” Anyone know what I’m talking about??

  124. looking for a rapper from the late eighty’s early ninety’s that sounds like brother lynch canabul. like

  125. Looking for a song when rap was rhyme. Some lyrics: “Like 15 men on a dead men’s chest, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Getting high on a Saturday night with a hip to the hop you don’t dare stop. The crew was smooth on top of the rock. Gave a party on a boat that sank, the people wouldn’t dance, oh what a blow, they called on me the vicious MC…” Was a duo, I believe one was named Master J. He was from Far Rockaway. Other lyrics: “…I’m sweet, I’m nice, I am the best. Stole the S offa Superman’s chest. He was flyin’ up in the sky, I shot him down, I don’t know why then Batman cam running across the street, I punched him in the brain, he did the freak!…” This definitely came out b4 I went into military service in 1981.Any help very much appreciated after all these years!

  126. I’ve been looking for this song since the 80’s. Hope you can help me! The lyrics go something like……..
    I was sitting on the corner, just wastin me time
    When I realised I was king of the rhyme
    I got on the microphone, what did u see
    The rest was my legacy
    I was born to be the king of the bebop swing
    Stags inmy dags ,big diamond rings
    A castle and yaught million to go
    Cos rappin is a game I control
    I’m like Shakespeare a pionee
    I made something people wanted to hear

  127. Reply to:
    Nice list! You know everyone would disagree about something (for me Fresh Prince should in the 40’s, not 20’s) but overall you pretty much killed it. Kool G Rap tells me you were paying attention. So many good tracks and ranked fairly. Nicely done. You know your shit.

  128. Reply to:
    Nice list! You know everyone would disagree about something (for me Fresh Prince should in the 40’s, not 20’s) but overall you pretty much killed it. Kool G Rap tells me you were paying attention. So many good tracks and ranked fairly. Nicely done. You know your shit.

  129. Nosotros recordamos esos tiempos del hip hop cuando viaje a N.Y. en el 1986 el hip hop (Rap) estaba en su apogeo eric b & rakim demostraron ser los mostros en la letra y lyrica sin menospreciar al ll cool j que demostro dominar todos los estilos en el rap.

  130. Would like to know the name of the old school song that says “Liberty City” get on up or something like that…song also mentions other city locations…song has a fast beat and a miami sound.

  131. Reply to: fistfullofdollars

    The artist is anquette song is called shake it.

  132. @ Floyd: The artist is anquette song is called shake it.

  133. Reply to: Floyd

    The artist is anquette song is called shake it.

  134. Does anybody know the title and artist of a song I have been searching for? I believe the title is something like this> “Taking you back to the old school” It’s not a rap song and it’s not a song created by a DJ. It’s more of a slow song. And the only words I can remember was just like the title. “Taking you baaaack, to the old school” anybody know this?

  135. Looking for 80’s rap song named “ranita”…not quite sure of the spelling..goes something like this:
    It was the summer of 83 and nothing but ranita made a difference to me, as far as I could see, our love would last eternity, but it couldn’t be, another brother replaced me and that drove me half crazy………………..

  136. “from the streets of birrmingham there came a black man his name was martin luther martin luther king”.To BOBO & everybody :
    Hurt ‘Em Bad And The S.C. Band – Martin Luther (1983)

  137. Reply to: Lill wayne thanks so much ive been looking for that song since 1987. didnt think i would ever find it again. thanks youre the greatest

  138. This was asked before but no answer, could someone please identify an 80’s hip hop song (maybe between 85-88) that starts out with the lyrics ”It’s time”, then is all instrumental afterwards? Your help is much appreciated

  139. Does any body remember. My song party rap or unicycle rap.

  140. i am lookin for all hip hop beatbox songs like 1-hawk certainly 2 the presidents rap 3 genius of love raps

  141. Reply to:
    I FOUND THE NISSAN TRUCK RAP… i had 50% of it from an LWR recording (sounds like Tim Westward was the dj… he called it “NISSAN TRUCK” on saturn records, ccla from manchester north england and guess what i found on youtube with that google search… well search for “ceiliia” !!!

  142. looking for a track call ’89 is kickin it’ please help.



  145. As everyone else, I am looking for a song which was 1985-1987 had a spy theme to it. Searching for a long time, heard it once in high school and loved it! Please help!

  146. Millernerds… maybe “I’m that type of guy” by LL Cool J? 1989

  147. looking for a song by some female rapper I dont even know her name, but has these words at the begining,:

    yeah its me just passing by to let you know that i wont be needing your little dick services any longer..
    male voice: OH Really
    female voice: Yeah really! Darling I wanna know if I can talk to you for just a minute,

  148. what’s the name of that song that plays on the movie kickin it old school?? it’s an instrumental, pretty hot beats! i really need that song! i think it’s the song that gets him out of the coma! does anyone know the name of that song??

  149. Reply to: Yo Franky!

    It’s CEB – Get the point!

    I see you’ve been looking for a while…me too…found it a few years back.

    I only remembered about as much as you but knew it was a dope track.


  150. Your list represents the 80’s at its finest!! I can’t figure out this Nissan rap song……..Nissan took my lady, I was chilling at the bus stop waiting for the bus, me and my girl when she started to fuss.

  151. searching desperately for this song
    My name is (i can remember what name) i know i’m cool because in my bathroom i got a swimming pool, and when i get comfy i gotta take a score in my bar swimming pool then i listen to it all, when i get out before i leave and i say to it nesquicky, i put on my new cologne its called something freaky, i went down down to do the breakdance



  154. does anyone know the name of the song…the hook goes if you don’t wanna party take your dead ass home

  155. I’ve uploaded the Nissan rap song that everyone here has mentioned. Do a search on Youtube for “D-Rock-D – Nissans In The City”

  156. Great list im looking 4 a mid to early 80s rap from the east coast. The hook is i dont care what the white man say Santa cluse is a black man. If u can help me with finding the title & artists of the song it would be perfect i have been looking for it a few years.

  157. I’m Looking For The Artist Of A Song That Came Out In The Eighties Called The (Final Mix).

  158. Looking for a song that came out in 1987 or 1988 which had the same beat as Push It ny Salt-N-Pepa with a surfer type beat. It had the “Get up on this” hook lyric by a male artist.

  159. to the old school gang out there. here my situation its a tune from an old mix cassette tape from cousin. what i know about this mix was de la soul “my jimmy” was on it. that album dropped in 89, but this tune might not be from that year. hopefully it a good reference point to start from. ok here’s what i can remember…..”i’m xxxx and my name is on the one, take the dreamy dialect, the fact”…..thats all. dreamy dialect or creamy dialect is the main thing i remember about this mystery tune. it could been a real underground one that didn’t get any big play. i appreciated any help y’all…..peace and love

  160. Does anyone know of a 80s rap about the Philadelphia 76ers? Were the Philadelphia fans the best in the land

  161. Run DMC – Mary, Mary
    Malcolm McLaren – Buffalo Girls
    Malcolm McLaren – Hey DJ
    Malcolm McLaren – World’s Famous
    Mr Groove – One Way
    Kurtis Blow – Basketball
    George Clinton – Atomic Dog
    Cutie Pie – One Way
    Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus
    ? – Last Night The DJ Saved My Life
    Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love

    Maybe some of these songs are not from 80’s,
    anyway great songs.

  162. i’m looking for a song not sure the name but it went like this — i hear they talk about you bad but you blow my mind sometimes the things you do are way out of line

  163. Trying to find the name a of a song and/or artist.
    The hook was “and the beat goes onnnn, the beat goes onnn, and the beat goes…”. It then goes off into hard electro funk of the Jonzun crew like vibe. Help anyone!!! Early 80’s. Maybe 82 at the latest!! Thanks ;-)

  164. im looking for the OLD SCHOOL version of “Make em’ say Uhh…Na Na Na Na” and its not by Master P..im thingking it could be a Soul Sonic Force or Afrikka Bammbatta song not sure but im dying to find it..

  165. Reply to:
    if its the one i think your talking about..Its by Orbit-Featruing Carol Hall…Hope this helps..theres also another with a slower hip hop r&b feel to it by The Whispers

  166. Reply to:
    jackass nutin but a G thang didnt come out till 92

  167. Reply to:
    Antonio I think you’re talking bout the song ” muchies for your bass ” by nemisis



  170. Does anyone remember the song President Rap’s by Rich Little, dubbed over the beat Genius of Love by the Tom Tom Club. That was a good song also.

  171. this is f
    *&^%%# driving me nuts, there is an old rap that i thought was called triple m base and i cant find that fucker anywhere. Lyrics go something like ,

    See like it or not is what its all about

    Triple m with the boom rock the whole house

    can any one help

  172. Reply to: posted by: Wil-P (reply)
    post date: 08.17.09 (3:59 am)
    The song that has the lyric “Walk long proud and tall , have yourself a good time” is From a group called the Envasions the song is called the Wikka Wrap

  173. Reply to: posted by: Kev D (reply)
    post date: 03.26.13 (11:18 pm
    The song that has the lyric “The beat goes on” is by a group called Orbit, the song is called And the beat Goes On” I still have the 12 inch single.

  174. Reply to:
    big up selecta – workin on some juke concepts and really wanted to hip my homeboy to the OG tracks by Anquette -took a minute to sift through all the post but found yours – thanx for postin – always loved that track but never knew who did it -Bless up!

  175. Reply to: thats run dmc …er..beastie boys fam..i hrd that before

  176. Reply to: Cyril
    It comes Sirius radio everyday. i’ll hit up when it comes on

  177. The song “it’s time” with jump feel it – I think this is the name of the song:
    Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)

  178. Yes I’m looking for that nissan song also. And no it’s not d rock d. It and a deep bass notes…it sounded like (gmmmmm it the bass) gmmmmmmmm nissan nissan gmm gmmmmmm nissan nissan. I had it on a mixed tape along with colors by ice t and sally by gucci crew way back. Please help

  179. I’m looking for the song cutie pie that came out in the later 80’s and was done by a female, (maybe 2). Cutie pie apple of my eye never ask questions never wanna know why ……..

  180. Reply to: dj snake. I think that song was planet rock.

  181. Ok what’s the group that sang the song I think it’s called the dating game. It’s like the dating game show but their rapping and Eddie Murphy is sampled from his stand up raw where he says get the fuck out?

  182. Reply to:
    Drua the song is the dating game by the gucci crew.

  183. Man. I missed those days and especially the music all pure and original

  184. I at all times really liked every categories having to do with hiphop. I have been an actual massive enthusiast, excellent blog.

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