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I have done several issues on 80s commercials already including Seagram Wine Coolers with Bruce Willis, Calvin Klein jeans with Brooke Shields, Dr. Pepper “Be a Pepper,” Pepsi with Michael Jackson, Folgers Coffee at Christmas and Cadbury Creme Eggs at Easter. Recently I was walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store and I could not help remembering some other commercials.

The Honeycombfirst one that had me singing was Honeycombs. I saw the box and right away started, “Honeycomb’s BIG, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s not small, no, no, no.” I admit I did get some strange looks from other shoppers including my young daughter (who doesn’t get to see nearly the amount of commercials I did as a kid due to the channels she watches and the DVR). When we returned home from the store, I had to find a Honeycombs commercial from when I was a kid to show her. Here’s the one I found…

Then FrankenberryI started reminiscing about some of the other cereal commercials that were memorable to me. Cookie CrispOf course there the ones with memorable characters like Count Chocula & Franken Berry, the Flintstones with Fruit Pebbles & Cocoa Pebbles, Tony the Tiger and his “grrreat” Frosted Flakes, Cap’n Crunch, Dig’em Smacks and the toucan with Fruit Loops. There was Cookie Crisp which took one of most kids’ favorite things and shrunk it down into bite size cereal. And who could forget that frosted Lucky Charms are “magically delicious.” Watching Saturday morning cartoons would bombard you with cereal commercials.

I loved Saturday morning cartoons, Cocoa Puffsso maybe these cereal commercials feel good because they remind me of that. I wanted to share commercials for a couple other cereals that seem to be most memorable to me. I still find myself using the phrase “cuckoo for cocoa puffs” and that is directly due to the hundreds of times I have seen the Cocoa Puffs commercials with Sonny trying to avoid that very fate. Here’s one of those commercials…

Then there was a healthier cereal trying to use a cartoon bee to seem more fun like other sugar cereals. The bee was there to “tempt your tummy with taste of nuts and honey.” I still remember, “it’s a honey of an O, it’s Honey Nut Cheerios.” That’s an impressive tag line that can stick with you 20+ years later. Here’s a Honey Nut Cheerios commercial to remind you…

Then lastly is that “silly rabbit” trying to get some TrixTrix. The poor rabbit would get so close in each commercial to only have his cover blown at the last second and have them snatched before he could taste them. The tagline even showed up in a favorite R&B classic by Oran “Juice” Jones called “The Rain” which he reminds his cheating girl “silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.” He also tells her she’s “just a squirrel trying to find a nut” but that is totally unrelated and beside the point. Here’s a Trix commercial from back in the day…

This is fun and I could go on sharing dozens more cereal commercial, but I am going to stop there for now. Maybe I will do a part 2 to this issue some time down the line. Let me know in the comments section which 80s cereal commercials you remember most fondly. Commercials are a big part of 80s pop culture and nostalgic memories for me. Nowadays, the nutritional value of cereal seems to be much more important to the average person. Walk down the cereal aisle yourself, you will still see some of those boxes and just try not humming those commercial jingles from the 80s.

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Quote of the day: “Ability is of little account without opportunity.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

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  1. each time I see the cereal boxes I am reminded of the songs played to advertise them – two of my favorite cereals are Frosted Flakes and Honey Nut Cheerios – they are still delicious – perhaps not as healthy, but I love them …

  2. Oh, you can’t forget Fruity Pebbles & Rappin’ Barney Rubble! I think that is when people realized rap became mainstream.

  3. I was always partial to the variety packs of cereal, but don’t recall a commercial. Also, if there a prize inside the package of cereal, I’d go for it- forget the food, just give me the 2-cent-toy.

  4. Ha! As soon as your blog page loaded, I started singing the Honeycomb song. Even though I never liked Raisin Bran cereal (too many raisins) I always remember the “two scoops” commercials that were always on.

  5. tried leaving two comments. giving up. just gonna say great post and see if that works.

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